My thoughts on vacc passports.

Ok, soooo I try (work hard on it too) to avoid discussions of vac issues. I mean I don’t get into it as to be real honest…. I focus on Him. However, when I see states and places creating “passports” to prove you can be safe to use their facilities and so on, as a student of History I recount times when governments had people have to have something to designate themselves as “ok”. Or when governing powers abused their privileges of serving the people and aimed to control the people. What Nazi’s did to the Jewish People kinda comes to mind. What those who came to this country did to the Native Americans comes to mind. What countries that behave tyrannical comes to mind. But wait…. The one that outlines a mass hysteria over infection brings me back to the studies on what the Colonists did to people (generally women) suspected of witch craft. Sure the fearful people thought they were doing well, after all the Bible outlines the abomination of witchcraft and even calls for their (not to get into how capital punishment was used that’s not the point)Death. However the people were terrified of those they knew. Lies were spread about anybody you didn’t like and before long “guilt or innocence” was simply not needed. “It’s for the good of the community” was the motto. If someone disagreed with your politics, they must be a witch. If you didn’t like them, they must be a witch. Soon kids turned in parents and parents turned in children and your neighbor turned you in and….. let’s burn them became the motto. Yeah, perhaps they did get a self declaring witch every once and a while but for the most part they got ordinary citizens blacklisted and not tried in real courts. It became nothing more than popular opinion only. Terrified people took to the streets to watch witch burnings and participated even. It made themselves feel a little safer that night. Though Murder is also wrong in the Bible and there is a procedure to follow for putting anybody to death or to put them on trial even. Yet these practices were clearly not followed because of mass hysteria. They instead turned on each other because of popular opinion and social pressures. After all one didn’t want to be labeled helping a so called witch, why? They could be burned next. Also keep in mind that the colonists also believed in God too. Just saying.

Fast forward to now.

This so called plague is causing otherwise rational people to out of fear and do irrational things. Soon incentives will come for people to turn in non vaccinated people like myself and a lot of people who read their bibles. The thing is this vacc thing sounds like it has the potential to become the “mark of the beast”. We know from scripture whatever that is will impact buying and selling and being able to get food from stores (basic human rights) however mass hysteria about those who did not get vacc will drive people to enforce nonsensical hysteria driven policies by governmental overreach. People will say “I’m vacc and those people are making it worse for me, so yes to passports and yes to jail for those who refuse the jab like I got”. Ignoring basic human right of being able to refuse or buy and sell or buy food. The passport will bar any unvacc person from those places.

If you’re tempted to say “Michael, that’s their problem I want to be safe” you’ve already joined the mass hysteria. So panic away. I refuse to join the George Orwell 1984 books “Party”. It SHOULD be a persons right to refuse. Right now I’m America we are handing over rights and freedoms so many have fought and died for. Daily I might add. Inch by inch people drunk with power say to themselves “I wonder how much the people will let me get away with”. With fear being the main motivator. With the news pushing narratives of lies and confusion. With fake and real news blended together, all to keep people buying into the potential anti vacc trials which could come.

You might say “you’re a conspiracy theorist”…. It’s not theory when people are putting it into action. Right now I’ve seen where “vacc passports” people are saying “absolutely because I want to stay safe”. People who’ve had the vacc have tested positive for the virus even.

We live in scary times. Fear is the norm and mass hysteria is the new way. How do I know? Let’s look at all the riots, mostly riots for people with criminal records, the result was then to burn and terrorize cities. On behalf of not great people who contributed much to society, but those who helped make it a worse place. Sure humans are all having a story and all, but when you torch buildings homes and businesses it’s no longer about others rights (which are being trampled) by those supposedly fighting for them. NO, it’s mass hysteria at its finest. Championing criminal behaviors. Hmmmmmmm. Just saying.

Right now, if passports for vacc becomes the norm, then from there the people will gladly participate in any yoke of tyrannical power because “it’s for my good”. Remember the colonists thought the same thing too.

Look, I’m ready to see the fema camps for the Un vacc people. I’m ready to see the cannot travel go to stores doctors or get assistance. I’m ready to have to eat one small meal a day and ration out my food. Because I’ve been prepared over the last ten years for a time such as this. I’m hoping that right now, in our history we don’t go down that road of mass hysteria and tyrannical embracing “one party” “big brother” worshipping behavior. But I’m also starting to see signs of it being a real thing. Let’s see scripture….

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭13:16-17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

I AM NOT SAYING for sure vacc is the mark of the beast. NO!!! I am saying vacc passports will restrict buying and selling and capability for the non vacc people basically shutting them off from society. That’s a violation of Human Rights and certainly not of God.

If those passports become mandated more riots will ensue and it will become an “us vs them” war between the vacc and unvacc people. This to me as a student of history and student of the Bible paints a grim picture of just how bad things could get.

I will NOT take the vacc. Something that has not met full testing. Something that was not approved properly. Something that might shell out grievous side effects who chose out of fear or had to to keep their jobs participate in the largest clinical trial ever. Every drug has side effects. Some even die or get sick from most drugs. This one is certainly a new technology. I’ve lived and not gotten sick once and even tested negative. Soooooooo, if this thing was as bad as it’s being propaganda spread I would be dead already.

Look, pandemics of history show massive massive deaths to the point you cannot burry them fast enough. Sure families have seen losses. You might even know someone who died from it. But, the cold and flue also killed people and has for years, cancer has for years, and so on. We didn’t destroy economies for that. Look, this will become the new flue. Every year there will be a new mandated vacc. People will take it with no question until many start with scary side effects. Yep, then the wonder will start but by then it’s too late.

As it stands now, I don’t just blindly follow the herd. I’ve learned that’s not always a good thing. I’m skeptical of doctors and some forms of medicines. I’m more skeptical of a government that has done nothing for me and in some cases has been against me. The system…… once bitten twice shy……

The system has not cared about my fall loosing everything. Why would I take a non proven vacc not properly tested and one that people claim side effects were a problem with them? I wouldn’t. Sure I could be putting myself at risk for death. But atleast I’ll have died knowing I was not a Guinea Pig. Here is the thing, if this craziness doesn’t stop soon, witch hunts for the un vacc people will become a real thing.

So I write all this preparing for backlash. But as the abortion proponents claim “my body my choice”.

I am in no way advocating for people to take or not take. I’m in no way trying to pass on medical advice or tell you what to do. I’m only stating some facts about what could come and how it will amount to a form of witch-hunting and fear mongering and point out that this is a scary time we live in.

Shalom and God Bless

From my Instagram.

Wait hold up. It seems on the net these days or in social media to be no shortage of arguments and people fighting to be the most right online. The problem is while man bickers amongst themselves evil fills our streets. Demonic activity runs our governments and a spiritually septic society starts to run wild. People can only stop the host of the unclean spirits. They simply just move on when the host is destroyed and pick another target. We are not at war with flesh. We are OR Should Be at war with the unclean spirits driving this generation. Love, Faith, Prayer, and Fasting. But LOVE is the greatest weapon. When you engage in 1 Corinthians 13 love it weakens the strongholds the enemy has on you. Then you can be obedient to God and walk in His ways. Remember cain was reminded sin looks to control us but Father/God said we must rule over it. If we start closing doors our society has opened to wickedness and fill our streets with love not hate or jealousy then we can begin to start taking ground against wickedness and that hinders the unclean spirits. Sadly many will work harder to be in control or the best online or whatever will feed the unclean spirits. Make no mistake. Repent now while there is time, because very soon we will see just how unclean spirits can urge evil into the hearts of man. To see demons influencing people just watch the news. Sadly this is all predicted in the Bible. It will get worse from here. All nations are not mourning yet. Nobody is crying out to God in torment yet. Repent and return or soon the zombies will be a real thing. Not like Hollywood but unclean spirit guided people. Stand firm in love and faith. Shalom and God Bless.

From my Instagram Reminder of Elul

Today is 2 Elul. I could and have written about this Hebrew/Jewish month. Right now, in this month this time before the fall festivals “the king is in the fields”. This is the time when we survey ourselves. What worked this year, what didnt, what can we do better and what do we need to work on. We focus on taking the Log out of our own lives. Focus not on everybody else’s problems but our own. This is the time when before the fall festivals we make ready for Messiahs Return. We practice what we would do if we heard “in 30 days Messiah returns” (though nobody knows what year). How would you change how you live, what would you repent of, how would your life change if you “knew His return was in 28 days”? Repent and align yourself to Him now. Just in case the day of trumpets yields that global sound. Give of yourself, make amends, renew yourself now while there is time. Are you making ready? Are you preparing the way for Messiah? Are you working hard on your walk to be the bride with oil in the lamp, or just putting it all off? Shalom and God Bless

From my Instagram

I feel we look at this is such trivial but physical ways. We speculate on how hungry or thirsty Yeshua/Jesus was. Perhaps how it felt to lay in the ground or things like this. Today when I encountered this moment in the Bible, I felt something else. Yeshua/Jesus walking as only just a man. Right after His Baptism by John He is lead out into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil himself. Yeshua/Jesus walks that out as one of us. A mere mortal. John tells us “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and was God”. Instead of using His power to smite satan, Yeshua/Jesus endured the temptation and argued back with scripture. He endured it like we would have to. This is perhaps one of the most profoundly powerful moments. Imagine having the power to smite the devil yet, choosing to endure the devils best temptation and forty days of no food and water just to take it like a human. The patient endurance. The strength and will no not “cheat” or to not end the temptation sooner. Perhaps we (if following Messiah/Christ) need to remind ourselves of this. When it gets hard or we feel we are suffering or are tempted beyond what we think we can handle. This moment when our Rabbi/Teacher had all the power but chose to make His flesh submit to His Fathers Will. He even beat His own flesh to carry out His mission for you and me upon that cross. I’ll now see this moment when I struggle in a different light. I will try to draw upon this when I need it. To encourage me. How about you? Shalom and God Bless

A house divided cannot stand up to spiritual warfare

“A household divided cannot stand”. Yeshua/Jesus tells us this. Adam and Eve demonstrate this. When two people enter into a covenant or agreement then go off in their own directions they become vulnerable to outside forces destroying what they built or are building. When a person faces spiritual warfare alone they are vulnerable to attacks. Here is the thing that’s important. Safety in numbers. If two people in a household do not pray together, behave as one and act as one. Guess what, the demonic will destroy them or their directions as separately as possible. When blessing a home and people they need to be of one accord. If not it will crumble. In relationships if the man and woman are separate in prayer behaviors and actions this too is a breeding ground for he said she said. Me against you. When all the wile both are being played by unclean spirits. You are not wrestling with the other person but with the unclean spirits. Stand together or fall divided. This works in all aspects of human life. When a body stands together the enemy struggles to influence. When a house stands together the enemy struggles to influence. When a government stands together it’s enemies struggle to influence. Think, where are you divide and how hard has that battle been fighting alone. Shalom and God Bless.

Fight unclean spirits NOT those people being used by then.

We need to remember when we are angry at someone, the government, our opposition in any argument. We should not be tempted to be angry at them, but the influencer pushing their buttons. Whatever is using them to mess with you has no body. It’s spiritual. If you’re taking up against a brother or sister you’re loosing ground in your own battle. Fight back with prayer, prayer and fasting, and the sword (word of God). Do not go it alone. Find brothers and sisters to pray with and for each other. Do so strategically. Intentionally. On the same page. Don’t just wing it. Make no mistake if unclean spirits can mess with disciples they can mess with us form prayer teams groups and start standing together. What’s coming with tear us all down or we will fight effectively. We must NOW start to take prayerful action against the principalities not the people being used by the principalities. If we fail at this coming test it’s on us. We can never stop unclean wickedness. But we can do our part as soldiers to help our brothers and sisters one battle at a time. Fight unclean spirits not the people those spirits use against you. Shalom and God Bless.

Taking much needed time away to repair my life.

Shalom and Hello. First I would like to thank all of you who’ve joined me on the last two plus years on Instagram. To all those who’ve liked, subscribed, who said I helped them and who’ve helped me. To those I became friends with. Thank you. Seriously. Also to those who have cheered me on and encouraged me. At this point on my walk life has become uncertain. Not sure from one day to the next if I’ll have internet, where I’ll be sleeping and for how long. Etc. Because of the uncertainty of life right now i simply don’t have the time to keep posting. I regret having to take time away, I’ll leave the account up but will not be active any longer until life settles down again. Again thank you so much for these last few years of online fellowship. I’ve just got a lot going on and have to figure out my direction. Will be back after everything gets sorted. Shalom and God Bless. Michael (Creator of Biblically Grafted In Social Media)

Fathers/Gods correction.

So true in life and in application of our Heavenly Father. I think is being rebuked by Father/God today is lost on the church. Our Heavenly Father can and does rebuke us. How do I know? “For whom the Lord loves He corrects, Just as a father the son in whom he delights.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:12‬. The thing is like an earthly father, our Heavenly Father disciplines us. If He is not correcting us, He Doesn’t love us. Correction is NOT just speech. Sometimes it’s a smack on the behind. In this age many have lost the fear, respect, reverence of a creator who spoke the world into existence. (Thats power we don’t have a capability to grasp) this loss of fear leads to complacency in our faith. Father/God knows this and applies correction when we drift. Why? Because He loves us. Shalom and God Bless.

Daily Feed (from my Instagram)

We are to live daily as if everybody we come in contact with is Messiah/Christ. Who we work for, who we buy or sell to, who we help, but also we need to remind ourselves in the very same chapter it says “Then He will answer them, saying, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.’”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭25:45‬. When we ignore His prompts through His Spirit to render aide or help someone. We essentially ignore Him. Also angels in the Bible look like ordinary people so we might never know when we are being tested to see what our behavior is. If we ignore enough we can be in trouble. Right after Yeshua/Jesus talked of ignoring those in need guess what came next? “And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.”” Matthew‬ ‭25:46‬ we must be careful and repent or blind eye syndrome. (Read Luke 10:25-37) let us daily walk as if everything we do is For Him. Shalom and God Bless.