From My Podcast

These are recordings from my audio podcast I started back in December 2018 and run currently to this very day.


Episode 2 The Journey of Everyday Life and Death According to the Bible.

In this episode we look at Death, Heaven, and Hell. We will discover the truth of what the Holy Bible says about these topics to help us maintain a biblical faith.


Episode 1 The Journey of Everyday Life and Death According to the Bible

Episode one of two or three.

In this episode we will look at the creation of Adam (and us), how God gave us the capability to create a human, even look at abortion for a moment. See what good is defined by man and also by God. This is episode one of a couple that cover The everyday journey of life and death according to the Bible. This will in the next few podcasts cover what happens when and after we die. According to the Holy Bible.


A unseen lesson we can learn from the “Witch at Endor”.

An email question I received asked did the Witch in 1 Samuel 28 really bring up Samuel, or was it a Demon? We all have thoughts on an answer we believe, but is that question a trap of Satan? If so… how can we combat it. Let’s see.


My thoughts on “the lost books” of the Bible and extra biblical texts

I see more and more postings where people are saying the “lost books” of the Bible like Jasher and Jubilees should be in the Bible. Do I read them the same as scripture? Do I believe they are divine inspired? Or do I believe cautious reading is called for. Let’s find out…


Let’s talk all things “Community”.

In this weeks podcast we look at what does community mean, what it’s supposed to look like, what the Bible speaks to community, we see how we do community, and let’s just explore this topic.


How or where can we offer sacrifices to God, or can we?

In this episode we answer a great question that’s was asked on my social media. “When reading Torah, how do we keep the command to make a sacrifice or offering to God”? Let’s look.


Series EP 003. Did Jesus Void Gods Law?

In this episode we need to see if Jesus voided Gods Law. I have full teachings on this in the posts, and on video on my YouTube. However let’s look at a short version on my pod cast. What does the Bible actually say?


What does the Bible say happens when we die?

004. In this podcast we will take a look at what happens when we die. According to the Bible, Not traditions of religions. We will look at heaven and hell, asking if what we are taught is true against Gods Word. Stay tuned for this hour long, in depth study.


Series EP 002 Let’s talk sin

In this episode we will have a frank talk about sin.


Series EP 001, In the beginning.

I’m starting a series on how I got to where I and many others are in faith. What does the Bible say, how does the Bible differ from religion? We will see all that in this series.


Lost in translation.

003. We need to look at translations and how they have error. This is where reading from many translations helps you grasp when a addition or subtraction is made. Note: The Greek referenced is textus receptus. I said that wrong.


What does “Set Apart” look like biblically?

002. We read over and over in the Bible that we are called to be “Set Apart”. We however in Christianity desire to “fit in” and not be “Set Apart”. Let’s take on this subject and see what this looks like for us today.


What does “Grafted In Mean?

001. This channel came into being around the subject “Grafted In”. Are we “Grafted In” to Christianity? Let’s see just what we can learn from the Bible.