Welcome to my journey

My name is Michael A. Mannings. Welcome to my journey from Traditions to Torah. Here on this blog, I will post my story, what I’ve learned, relevant posts on the topic of Hebrew Roots/Messianic/Bible Living vs Religious Living and so on. At times some of the content may challenge your ideas of what you have come to understand from our modern ages interpretation and understanding of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and yes even Paul. That’s ok to be challenged. My goal is to use the Bible as our authority. Not man’s ideas or traditions. I aim to share what I learned and am learning as a student of Torah coming from Christianity. Let us lay down our thoughts and ideas and let us just take in from the blank slate perspective this fellowship (in blog form) take out our bibles and see (not just take my word for it) just what God, Jesus, and the Bible actually says.

With this said I will be sharing my life, my faith, and also posts with my opinions too.

Let’s get ready for the Journey.

Shalom ~M~

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